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Detailing is an Art and a Science. I personally love detailing, and have spent my whole life doing it. As a result I have picked up many techniques to clean the surface of a vehicles’ pant, or that stubborn stain on the carpet. I have personally trained my detailers and look over many of the vehicles they detail, so if you just need it cleaned up we do that, if you scuffed it on the garage or across the bushes we usually can get these things out. Each vehicle needs different things and being it is a detail we focus on those needs. Weather it is clayed to smooth the surface before waxing or compounded to get the ruff edges out, we get the paint prepped for the Simoniz wax we apply next. You may not realize it, the smoother the surface for the wax, the better it bonds to the clear coat and paint, in addition the smoother the wax finish, the longer the wax can withstand the elements, since there are no crevasses for debris to adhere to. Our waxes are not your ordinary waxes, these waxes are designed to out last, shine, and enriching the paint. The products we choose to use are for the cars that are driven every day, which takes a lot more abuse than a showroom weekend vehicle—therefore we use a tougher product. The detailers use special tools in precise fashions’ to apply and remove these products; as a result your vehicle leaves our facility looking as new as it possible can. Many customers comment that they think it is a new car when they come to pick it up. We have been called miracle workers many times over. We look forward to your appointment with us, and are sure you will have a great like new car experience when you leave.

Clay: Removes embedded surface contamination that builds up on your paint service over time, and cannot be removed by simple washing.

Compound: A light cut cleaner that removes swirl marks and paint problems. It removes minor acid rain contamination, light scratches and increases gloss on base coat and clear coat paint finishes.

Polish: Cleans and restores the original beauty and shine to chrome, paint, and trim moldings. Will remove minor rust and bring dull chrome back to a bright like new finish.

Wax: A Simoniz staple for 100 years! Paint protestant applied to extend the life of your paint and enhance its appearance longest lasting shine available. Simoniz waxes are designed to be strong, protect and last.

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