Westwood Car Wash and Lube

Old Hook Car Wash – Short Lines & Fast Service

When you are looking for a quick drive-thru wash—this is the car wash for you. With short lines and fast service, we get you in and out in minutes. We achieve this with a 100 ft tunnel packed with the best equipment soaps and waxes to ensure a clean shiny car every time. We use very high-quality Simoniz soaps and waxes that are applied as you go through. Simply drive up and tell the friendly attendant which package you would like. He will guide you effortlessly onto the track—he will look your car over and clean any especially dirty areas before you start your journey. Now simply put the car in neutral and enjoy the ride, as you go through you will find lots of soap and equipment working hard to give you the best clean and shine wash you can get. At the end of the tunnel, our drying attendant will dry your entire car. Now you may exit—or choose to pull into one of our 8 staging areas to vacuum your vehicle or purchase an air freshener, cleaning towel, or maybe some Armor-all. There is a change machine on site and the vacuums are on 24 hours a day, so stop by any time. Try our Monthly Pass Package, you can wash for a little more than a dollar a day and use your credit card for convenience.